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two road signs pointing in opposite directions. One says Brexit, the other Europäische Union

HGV driving after Brexit; what can we expect?

The air of uncertainty around Brexit has been lingering for some time. With no deal yet decided there is simply no way to know what kind of allowances will be made or negotiated for the continued interaction between the UK and Europe on any level. So what does that mean for HGV driving after Brexit? … Read more »

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Does your employer have to provide Driver CPC training?

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (or Driver CPC / DCPC for short) is a mandatory qualification for the majority of drivers operating vehicles over 3.5 Tonne or 8 passenger seats for work.   There are some exemptions from the rules (more details on DCPC exemptions here) but generally speaking if you’re being paid to drive… Read more »

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Elite HGV Drivers; How To Spot Them

There are a number of key traits that elite HGV drivers have. Knowing these traits can help employers make good hiring decisions and perhaps more importantly, help drivers determine whether or not this is really the career for them. # In this article we outline 5 of those key qualities that “elite” HGV drivers have… Read more »

Devon Truck Show 2019

The sun was out in force for the weekend of 11 & 12 May and Smeatharpe Stadium was playing host to the Devon Truck Show – a display of almost 600 trucks of all shapes and sizes from across the county and further afield.   In addition to the trucks on display, our brand new… Read more »

Dean holding his HGV test pass certificate

Celebrating Success With Greg & Dean

April has been a fantastic month for Backline, with an array of successes to shout about. But we wanted to concentrate on two of our office-based staff this time.   So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce Greg and Dean!   Greg Hyams Greg joined the Backline family in mid-2017 as a consultant… Read more »

picture of road signs with words "no cpc = no drivers" and "are you up to date?" and "road ahead closed"

Driver CPC Set To Be Scrapped?

Is The Driver CPC Qualification Being Scrapped? Well, in short, no.   Sorry if we’ve disappointed you.   There has been plenty of speculation that, thanks to a number of factors, including the HGV driver shortage and the dreaded “B” word (Brexit), the Driver CPC qualification would be brushed aside to ease the path of… Read more »

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7 Simple ways to Accelerate your HGV driving career

Looking for some easy ways to accelerate your HGV driving career? We’ve put together this quick list of seven tactics to focus on now, to get immediate and powerful results.   Need more advice? Make sure you speak to one of our team or check out some of the great HGV training packages we have… Read more »

jamie makin holding his pass certificate with bridgwater branch manager amy manson.

Jamie Celebrates

Backline’s Bridgwater branch is proud to announce more training success with yet another of its core drivers passing their class 1 practical test.   Jamie Makin, one of the Bridgwater office core drivers was recently identified as a prime candidate to benefit from the Backline Elite Driver training programme. The objective of this scheme is… Read more »

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15 Top Logistics Events to put in your Calendar for 2019

Whether you’re a logistics company or supplier, Trade Shows and conferences are great places to meet new business prospects, catch up with old clients and learn about best practices.   They allow you to streamline your business by utilising current and new technologies, create efficient workflows and minimise costly errors.   So, we have put… Read more »