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HGV driver recruitment tips for the South West

Our HGV driver recruitment tips give you a complete guide to finding and keeping the best driver jobs in the South West   This easy-to-use guide covers the following:   Finding your nearest HGV recruitment branch How to apply Employee benefits: what to expect Training and upskilling opportunities Top tips for career progression   The… Read more »

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Logistics and Supply Chain Partnerships (COVID Update)

When it comes to logistics and supply chain partnerships, supply chain managers are facing an unprecedented set of challenges as we learn to live with the profound changes and disruption caused by COVID-19.   Whilst the economy has slumped by 20% and logistics sector has dropped by as much as 50%, we are also seeing… Read more »

HIAB truck making a delivery

A Day In The Life Of A: HIAB Driver

Bag packed the night before, ready to head out the door for 05:45. My shift doesn’t start until 07.30 but I’ve got a 75-mile journey to do first. For some reason the construction and DIY sector seems to be booming right now, meaning we’re struggling to get enough crane qualified drivers to fill all the… Read more »

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Online Driver CPC: Could it be here to stay?

Online Driver CPC Training Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have allowed training providers to move their training courses online. In a move that was welcomed by training providers and the Transport & Logistics sector alike, drivers now have the opportunity to attend training remotely.  … Read more »

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COVID-19: Relax! (the rules)

We are living in unprecedented times, navigating uncharted waters and doing our best to do what’s best. The last time the world saw something on the scale of COVID-19 (coronavirus) was from 1918-1920 when “Spanish Flu” wiped out more people than the World War that had immediately preceded it.   In 1918, however, there weren’t… Read more »

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HGV Driving: Getting Started

Guest written by Sam Hay, Training & Marketing Manager   Recently, I was fortunate enough for Backline to put me through my HGV Class 2 licence. Having been with the company since 2011, I’ve picked up plenty of industry knowledge in that time – but nothing quite compares to getting the first-hand experience of actually… Read more »