Hints and tricks that might help out as a new driver – Helpful Hints 1!

Hints and tricks that might help out as a new driver – Helpful Hints 1!


  1. What might be a good idea to carry in your ruck sack!

Should I carry a First Aid kit – If driving under ADR a First aid kit will be provided and basic first aid is covered under ADR training, this does not stop you from carrying a basic kit as a driver, very cheap but not a requirement.


Not 9 to 5 – In this day and age, also keeping in mind that this is not a 9 to 5 job, a battery pack to recharge you phone will come in handy.


Sat Nav -Truck Sat Nav isn’t cheap but handy, if you’re old school “Philips Street Map” will help, keep in mind if following a standard Sat Nav and it says Turn Right Here you don’t have to if it looks to tight, continue forwards without turning right and the Sat Nav will bring you in on a different route!


Pens – Drivers love to collect pens but they are not always collectable, carry a pen or 2.


Timesheets record keeping -If working for an agency then timesheets are needed so carry a few spare the office will expect a signed timesheet for processing after the shift. I’d also recommend you carry a yearly diary and make a note of what you do each day – ClientStart / finish timevehicle regbreaks taken through the day. It is a legal requirement to keep a record of what you have done each day, even if you are not driving and maybe working in the office or warehouse.


Torch – For vehicle inspections, especially through winter, you will need a torch. You do have one on your phone that’ll do the job but it does not hurt to carry a torch/head torch as part of your kit


PPE – When it comes to PPE this needs to be supplied by your employer, gloves are not necessarily a legal requirement, unless under ADR they are. Not a bad idea to carry a pair and in fairness most employers do supply them.


Spare roles for VDO unit – Most drivers would say you must carry at least 2 spare roles for the VDO unit, I’d be happy with 2 or 3 roles – KEEP IN MIND – “It is a legal requirement for police or DVSA to be able to print of what they require” – So you do not need two but it is a good idea. The employer must provide VDO paper roles!


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