HGV Jobs for Local Drivers in the South & Southwest


We have a great relationship with our drivers (some say we’re more of a family business!). Whether you’re an HGV artic or rigid driver, HIAB, ADR, or van driver – if you’re looking to be locally based and escape the ‘conveyor belt’ of agency work then you’re in the right place


We offer all the variety and flexibility of an agency role with the guaranteed pay, free training, and benefits of a permanent one.


It’s Backline Fact Time


Branch Managers are HGV Licence holders

More than 20% of staff have +5 years with the firm

Free training on HIAB, ADR, CPC, and other transport skills

Guaranteed income from consistent full-time driving work

Drivers paid per licence and qualifications held (not per role!)

Locally based work and steady hours to suit you

Perfect balance of variety and job security

Discover our Platinum Drivers Scheme

What are the benefits that Backline offer?

Career Development

We employ a dedicated team to help you build your with a career in the transport & logistics industry.


Platinum Drivers Scheme

One of the best propositions in the industry. We combine contracted employment with enhanced employee support and benefits like free private health care.


Holiday Pay

Everyone is offered a PAYE contract. When you work, you accrue paid holiday entitlement (28 days)


Free Training

All our drivers receive free, ongoing Driver CPC training to stay legal and on the road. We’ll also give you free HIAB and ADR training too.


24/7 Support

You are a valued member of the family. We make sure there’s always a human at the end of the phone to support you when you need it


Full Time Contracted Hours

Guaranteed weekly hours so you never have to worry about going short (minimum criteria applies)


Free Uniform

Premium uniforms for our Platinum Scheme drivers, plus Hi-Viz and polo shirts for field-based staff.

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Backline Platinum Drivers Scheme

When you join our Platinum Driver Scheme, you’ll receive some of the best support, development, and benefits in the logistics industry.


You get all the great benefits of being part of the Backline family such as great pay, job security, flexible work, and hours to suit you – but we’ll also give you a few other great perks such as guaranteed shift patterns and Private Medical Insurance.


What do the Platinum Elite Driver benefits include?

○ Free Uniform
○ Holiday Pay (If PAYE)
○ Permanent Employment Opportunities
○ 24/7 Support
○ Leading Pay Rates
○ Free CPC Training
○ Guaranteed Weekly Minimum Pay
○ Additional Uniform
○ Career Development with Free Training
○ Guaranteed Hours & Shift Patterns
○ Life Insurance
○ Personal Accident Insurance
○ Private Medical Insurance
○ Additional Free Training
○ Premium Uniform

How do we do things differently?

Over 30 years of experience has taught us that the key to finding (and keeping) the best drivers is to help find the right jobs for them./p>


When we get this right, they don’t just enjoy them – they shine!


All our staff are treated as valued members of the Backline family. It’s why we make sure that there’s always person at the end of the phone to listen, understand and provide you with support you need, when you need it.


We pride ourselves on our staff retention record. In fact, over 20% of our staff have been part of the family for five years or more. Not bad in an industry like ours!


We consider our truckers to be some of the best professional drivers in the U.K. and we treat them with the respect they deserve. That’s why when you join our team, you get great employee benefits, incredible training, and some of the best career development opportunities in the market.


It’s a real family culture!


What our drivers say…


“Made to feel welcome from day one. From manager to operations staff, always friendly and made sure your welfare was there at the top.”

Class 1 Driver in Plymouth, Devon


“2nd time with Backline. 1st time 6-7 years, 2nd time 8-9 years and still there!”

HGV Class 2 Driver in Exeter, Devon


“This is the ideal company to work for if you want flexibility compassion and a happy voice at the end of the phone. The staff here are switched on and really helpful. The wages are decent too.”

HGV HIAB Driver in Yeovil, Somerset

HGV 1 Driver Jobs

HGV 1, aka Class 1, refers to an articulated lorry; that is a tractor unit (cab) with a trailer or a rigid lorry towing a trailer above 750kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).


We use them to transport large volumes of goods thanks to their +20-tonne capacity.


Our HGV 1 drivers perform a variety of work, including trunking loads to and from distribution hubs; superstore deliveries; palletised deliveries to commercial premises or delivery of large items and abnormal loads.


To drive a Class 1 professionally you must have a cat. C + E driving licence entitlement plus valid digital tachograph card and driver qualification card.


Typical HGV 1 Driver Jobs



Palletised deliveries and collections from industrial estates and factories (30-mile radius).



Transporting goods between network hubs and an RDC. Typically, 10-12 hours shifts.



Taking loads across country, sometimes spending night(s) away in the cab of the truck.



Moving vehicles or trailers around on site or between sites without making deliveries.



Transporting and delivering fuel, milk, beer, wine, waste, water and more.


Store delivery and FMCG

Collection of products from an RDC before delivery (like trunking).


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HGV 2 Driver Jobs

HGV 2, aka Class 2 or cat. C refers to a rigid lorry with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) above 7.5 tonnes.


Our drivers use ‘rigids’ for deliveries where access is not suitable for an articulated lorry.


Rigid deliveries are less bulky/heavy with a typical payload of 6 – 20 tonnes (compared to over 20 tonnes for an ‘artic’).


To drive a Class 2 professionally you need a cat. C driving licence, valid digital tachograph card and driver qualification card.


Typical HGV 2 Driver Jobs


General Distribution

Palletised deliveries to & collections from industrial estates, factories (30 miles radius).



Transporting and delivering fuel, milk, beer, wine, waste, water and more.


Retail & Food Delivery

Deliveries to smaller stores, restaurants, hotels etc. Products are usually in cages or boxes.



Deliveries using the lorry mounted crane (where possible). Usually on behalf of builders merchants



Delivering hazardous goods through to filling tanks with heating oil. This work can be very varied!


Waste Management

This can include chain skips, roll-on-roll-off containers, dust carts and recycling lorries.


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7.5 Tonne Driver Jobs

7.5 Tonne refers to vehicles between 3,500kg and 7,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).


Our drivers use 7.5 Tonne vehicles where a smaller vehicle is required for access but a larger payload than a standard van capacity is needed.


Driving a vehicle of this type professionally requires a cat. C1 driving licence, valid digital tachograph, and driver qualification card. This licence category was automatically given to people who passed their driving test in the UK before 1 January 1997, without taking a separate test.


Typical 7.5 Tonne Driver Jobs



Taking customers’ property from A to B. Heavy lifting and managing bulky items can feature!


White Goods

Delivery and collection of washing machines, fridge freezers and other appliances.



Delivering tyres, parcels, stock transfers, long items, bulky items and building products.


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3.5 Tonne Driver Jobs

Commercial vehicles with a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of 3,500kg or less can be driven on a standard car licence (cat. B) without taking a separate test.


Our drivers use these vehicles where the items being delivered are not especially heavy, or where only a small area is being covered so multiple runs can be completed.


We also use them for time-critical long-distance deliveries.


Driving one of these vehicles professionally only requires a B driving licence.

Typical 3.5 Tonne Driver Jobs



These deliveries usually involve building/construction materials and long items.



Our van drivers deliver a wide variety of items, from parcels to tyres and everything in between!



Typically used for removals thanks to their relatively small size, deliveries often involve bulky items.


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ADR jobs

ADR is short for “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”. This is the regulation covering the carriage of dangerous goods by road.


To carry hazardous goods within scope of the regulations, you must hold an ADR licence.


We provide our drivers with FREE ADR training at our in-house training facilities!


ADR is separated into nine different classes. Each one covers a different type of hazard.


ADR class Description
1 Explosive
2 Flammable Gas
3 Flammable Liquid
4 Flammable Non-Liquid
5 Oxidant
6 Toxic Substance
7 Radioactive Substance
8 Corrosive Substance
9 Miscellaneous

Typical ADR Driver Jobs



Tanker work typically involves product transfer work. It can be HGV 1 or HGV 2 and a PDP may be required.



Delivery of gas cylinders to commercial and residential addresses


General Distribution

Products on a pallet can vary in type and volume and can often include hazardous products.


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HIAB work involves use of a lorry mounted crane. These are used for delivering items that are too heavy or bulky to handle and where a forklift isn’t available.


Our drivers use HIAB vehicles in construction, timber suppliers, block suppliers and for any company delivering large items on a regular basis.


They can be fitted with various attachments specific to the task; most commonly hook, block grab or clamshell bucket. They can be controlled with manual levers or by remote control.


We provide our drivers with FREE HIAB training at our in-house training facilities!


Typical HIAB Driver Jobs



Class 1 HIAB work (including artic and wagon & drag). You’ll need a C+E category driving licence.



Class 2 HIAB work. You’ll need a C category driving licence.



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