Not sure which type of CPC you need?

There are two types of Driver CPC training: Initial CPC and Periodic Training. The type of training you need will depend on when you passed your test, and whether or not you have previously held a Driver Qualification Card.


Initial Driver CPC – For the newly qualified


Passing your LGV (Cat C1, C, CE) test after September 2009 and you do not have Acquired Rights (Grandad rights) on your licence meaning you passed your car test (Cat B) after the 1stJanuary 1997 means you would need to do Module 2 & 4, in that order.


If this applies to you, we can help and organise Mod 4 training but Mod 2 is done by yourself.

Mod 2 is an online exam at a DVLA site booked through the following link


Best book to revise for the Mod 2 exams is ‘The Highway Code 2022 & Theory Test Practise Questions for LGV – Includes 200 interactive HGV questions & answers’


Mod 4 can generally be booked through your LGV driver training provider, feel free to contact Backline Training who can help and organise this training for you.


Driver CPC – For those that have held their licence for a while


If you passed your LGV (Cat C1, C, CE) on or before the 9thSeptember 2009 then you can do 35 hours of periodic training to obtain you DQC (Driver Qualification Card). If you passed after this date and have acquired rights (Cat B passed before the 1stJanuary 1997) on your licence you can still do the 35 hours training.


Periodic training, for the most, is classroom based but did you know that you can get CPC on other courses like ADR, MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment like MOFFETT, FKLT CB and HIAB) and First Aid, course we provide.


Keep in mind – You need to complete the full 35 hours or Mod 2 & 4 training before you can drive for hire or reward. You can also drive the day after completing your 35 hours training, as long as it has been uploaded, as you’ll have an ‘application in place’ Ideal whilst waiting for your DQC to arrive.


If you are still unsure why not check our CPC quick and easy flow chart click the link below

CPC Flow Chart Checker

If you need Periodic Training, you can now book this online!

Check Availability & Book Online

Check your CPC hours using the Government Website

If you’ve not registered as a user on the government site previously, you’ll need to do so. You’ll get a password in the post which you will then use to log in and check your hours. You can also ask your training provide to check your Driver CPC hours – but they’ll only be able to tell you what they’ve uploaded for you.