Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC stands for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and is required by law for all HGV (C1, C or CE) and PCV (D1, D or DE) drivers, with some exceptions. Click here to submit a CPC enquiry.


There are two types of Driver CPC:


Initial CPC
This is required for newly qualified drivers (since September 2009).


It consists of two modules/tests, both of which you must pass to be issued with your Driver Qualification (CPC) card.


Periodic Training
Required by drivers who passed their practical driving test before September 2009, or who have previously held a CPC entitlement.


Periodic training is predominantly classroom based training, but can be incorporated into practical training such as our Fork Lift Truck, Lorry Mounted Crane or ADR courses.


Drivers require 35 hours of periodic training every five years to maintain their CPC entitlement.


Still not sure? Click here to check what type of CPC you need.


Current confirmed courses are as follows:



No. Days
Yeovil 16-20 April 5 (M-F)  
Winchester 17-18 April 2 (Tu-We)  
Plymouth 23-27 April 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 23-27 April 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 28 April 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Avonmouth 30 Apr – 4 May 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 8 May 1 (Tue)  
Yeovil 9 May 1 (Wed)  
Bridgwater 10 May 1 (Thu)  
Winchester 11 May 1 (Fri)  
Plymouth 12 May 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Exeter 14-19 May 6 (M-Sa) Sat Spaces Limited
Winchester 14-18 May 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 21-25 May 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 21-25 May 5 (M-F)
Exeter 29 & 31 May, 1 June 3 (Tu, W, F)
Exeter 2 June 1 (Sat)
Plymouth 2 June 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Winchester 4-8 June 5 (M-F)
Exeter 4-8 June 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 9 June 1 (Sat)
Avonmouth 11-15 June 5 (M-F)
Yeovil 11-15 June 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 16 June 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Bridgwater 18-20 June 3 (M-W)
Exeter 23 June 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Cornwall 27-29 June 3 (W-F)
Plymouth 30 June 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Bridgwater 2-6 July 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 2-6 July 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 7 July 1 (Sat)
Exeter 9-13 July 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 14 July 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Yeovil 16-20 July 5 (M-F)
Winchester 23-27 July 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 6-10 August 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 13-17 August 5 (M-F)
Bridgwater 13-17 August 5 (M-F)
Cornwall 20-24 August 5 (M-F)
Yeovil 20-24 August 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 10-14 Sept. 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 17-21 Sept. 5 (M-F)
Plymouth 6 October 1 (Sat) Fully Booked – Reserve Spaces Only
Plymouth 13 October 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Exeter 20 October 1 (Sat)  
Plymouth 27 Oct 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Plymouth 24 Nov 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Plymouth 15 Dec 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces


You may book individual days within a course date(s), you do not have to book for the duration of the course.


If there are not currently any courses listed for your area, please fill in the form below and we will try to arrange one to suit you.


Please note: all bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

CPC Training Courses

Register your interest for any of our available training courses or request alternate dates. Where necessary, we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.
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