Backline Exeter Outbase Renovations

The health and safety of drivers is always a priority at Backline, but especially at Outbase Exeter which is used as a stop-gap for long distance HGV drivers working within EU regulations.


The transport and logistics industry regularly comes under scrutiny for the working conditions of HGV drivers, but for the team at Outbase they want to do as much as they can to ensure their drivers are well looked after while on the premises.


As part of this on-going commitment, the Exeter Outbase located on Hill Barton Business Park will be undergoing an extensive transformation to give drivers and employees an upgraded Backline experience.


Work begins this month and includes:

  • Two brand new custom-built offices for Outbase Exeter office staff
  • Additional lighting erected in and around the yard
  • New showers installed for drivers
  • A new lounge room for drivers to relax in between shifts
  • Wifi for drivers within the lounge and around the yard
  • Heightened security measures including additional sensors and security installed throughout

“The health and safety of drivers is paramount, especially as we have around 80 deliveries a day coming into and out of the yard,” said Kelly Hughes, Manager at Outbase Exeter.


“The reputation of the haulage sector, specifically in relation to driver facilities, has often been rather negative, but we take it upon ourselves to provide the safest and best experience possible for our clients and drivers, whether they’re long-standing or new ones.


“The industry has a reputation of poor working conditions – we’ve all seen and heard about the driver shortages. At Backline, we are committed to attracting not only the best but also, hopefully new, talent to the industry”, added Kelly.


The yard upgrades are due to be complete in early Spring, but in the meantime, drivers can still expect to feel safe and secure at Outbase Exeter while the upgrade work is taking place, as existing health and safety measures are still in place.


Construction work will cause minimum disruption to drivers and their working hours.


For more information about Outbase Exeter or using their facility, please visit ( or contact the team on 01395 239305