Outbase Exeter is working around the clock to support their clients where needed this Christmas to ensure deliveries aren’t disrupted at the most crucial time of the year.


Despite the twists and turns we’ve all navigated this year, the retail and distribution sectors are incredibly busy, keeping shelves stocked and fulfilling the increase in online orders.


As such, there are more lorries on the road and more drivers who need a place to stop overnight or on long haul journeys, to maintain health and safety requirements.


“The health, safety and wellbeing of lorry drivers is imperative throughout the year and at Outbase Exeter we know that we have to take their wellbeing into our own hands to keep the supply chain moving,” said Kelly Hughes, Manager at Outbase Exeter.


“We’ve recently signed a new business contract on the strength of our reputation and the high standards we operate at the Outbase.


This particular client wasn’t happy with the space they were using as it was unmanned, unlit and without designated parking bays. The least we can do is provide a base for them to feel safe and secure, especially overnight,” added Kelly.


At present, Outbase Exeter is completely full, so any businesses looking to rent space will need to get in touch soon for bookings in the run-up to Easter and beyond.


Seasonal promotions have a huge impact on the number of lorries required to fulfil deliveries, so with Spring and Easter fast-approaching, now is the time to start planning ahead to avoid disappointment.


“In the past we’ve been able to help to squeeze companies in at the last minute, but it’s just not possible at the moment as we are completely full. This is testament to what we do and the service we deliver, and something the team and I are incredibly proud of” added Kelly.


To help them maintain their high standards of excellence, Outbase Exeter will be having a makeover in 2022 to further improve the facilities on offer to the team as well the drivers. We’ll be sure to share updates and pictures with you once work starts.


In the meantime, if you are looking for space in 2022 and know that you’ll be using additional drivers to cope with seasonal deliveries, call the team on 01395 239 305 to discuss availability.


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Outbasing is the term used to describe the locating of vehicles at a distribution centre, an optimum driver distance from delivery points. Improving truck efficiency, trailer fill and driver utilisation.


Using your vehicles, but with Backline’s supervision and facilities creates an opportunity for reducing fuel usage, man hours and uneconomic vehicle operation.

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