Wessex 2017


Wow - what a fantastic event this year's truck show was!

The weather was wobbly on the Saturday but, despite being cloudy, the rain gods were kind to us and held off until the night where, most of us at least, were in the land of nod!

Sunday, however, was a different story - the sun wasn't just out, it was OUT out, catching some of us unawares and leaving us a little red-faced. Literally!

We managed to shift every single one of the 500 driver giveaway packs we'd prepared for the weekend and got through a whopping 1,000 balloons! Lucky recipients bagged (pun intended) a 6-capacity card wallet, drinks bottle and discount voucher for driver training, in addition to the bag itself, of course. The XXL helium cylinder did us proud, but we still had about 300 to blow up the old fashioned way which is quite a lot of puff (about the same as 60 inflatable pool beds!).

There were some impressive wagons on display - most notably the M Way & Son 'posse' who took up the majority of one row, with vehicles going back to the 70s right through to modern day tractor units.

We would like to thank Dave Cross and the Fosse Way Events team for such a fantastic weekend - the organisation that goes into the event is impressive, and particularly when you consider that these guys are doing it all in their spare time around other jobs!

Thanks also go to Bristol Calendar Girls, who helped distribute the balloons and the following Backline staff members who were also involved in some capacity:

• Kate Higgins (along with husband Justin & daughter Neav)
• Tom Stickler
• Debbie Langdon
• Ricky Bowers
• Matt Kirby
• Julian White
• Simon Steer

We've already booked next year's space so looking forward to seeing you all there!

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