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10 Common Misconceptions about HGV Drivers

Despite what some people might think, being a truck driver isn’t an easy job. It isn’t something that just anyone can do.   And, frankly, it isn’t made any easier by some of the rumours and misconceptions about HGV drivers.   The truth is that HGV drivers play a hugely important role, not just to… Read more »

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Official “No-Deal” Post-Brexit Advice for Hauliers

Government Issues Official Guidance With just a few months until the UK officially leaves the European Union, the government has issued official advice for drivers and hauliers. The advice applies to any driver or haulier seeking to operate vehicles in the EU after our departure.   Key Points: Drivers Despite what you may have heard,… Read more »

Driving’s 7 Deadly Sins: is the UK making a U-turn?

Road Safety Over the last few decades, the UK has enjoyed significant reductions in the number of deaths and serious injury caused by road collisions – despite traffic levels going in the opposite direction.   Official UK statistics show that in 2016, there were 1,792 fatalities and just over 24,000 “seriously injured” on the roads,… Read more »

Driver CPC: Mythbusting “Fact or Fiction” quiz

Tick Tock The Driver CPC deadline is just months away. Despite having been around for some time now, there still seems to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding the rules. So, here’s a quick “Fact or Fiction” quiz that will set the record straight and help you avoid getting caught by those Driver CPC… Read more »

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Employers: Are You At Risk?

Did You Know?   Everyone knows that a successful business has to have good Health & Safety procedures in place, and the vast majority do. We have, according to HSE figures, the lowest workplace fatality rate of all the EU countries and we also fair well when it comes to work days lost through sickness… Read more »


We Just Can’t Help It Further to multiple success stories already this year (see 2 becomes 1 and we’ve done it again), yet another driver has successfully upgraded their licence from HGV Class 2 to Class 1 with us.   Scott Andrews, a driver who who joined our team a little over two years ago,… Read more »

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Top Apps For Drivers

Our Most Popular One of our most popular posts over the years has been our “Top Apps For HGV Drivers” post.   Seeing as we posted it in 2015, we thought we should give it an update with our favourites as of 2018.   1. CoPilot (Navigation) Use this app to turn your mobile or… Read more »