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Top 10 Driver Bag Essentials

Whether you’ve been driving for decades, you’re completely new to the world of transport or you fit somewhere in between, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything on this list so you’re ready for anything!    1. USB Charger  Most devices these days run off a USB power connection; mobile phones, sat-navs, e-cigarettes, bluetooth earpieces –… Read more »

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The Ex-Service Personnel’s guide to HGV driving careers

Many of the qualities and skills you trained for and developed during military service are highly transferable to a professional driving career. It’s why many of the best HGV drivers are ex-service personnel.   However, this doesn’t tell you why so many people choose HGV driving as a new career after leaving the forces.  … Read more »

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Online Driver CPC: Could it be here to stay?

Online Driver CPC Training Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have allowed training providers to move their training courses online. In a move that was welcomed by training providers and the Transport & Logistics sector alike, drivers now have the opportunity to attend training remotely.  … Read more »

5 Hacks to Fast Track your HGV Career

Depending on your skillsets and experience, HGV drivers in the UK can earn £40k or more a year. But that is not to say that every HGV driving job is created equal, or that every employer will offer such high wages for the same job.   So, how do you make sure you’re doing everything… Read more »

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5 mistakes that will damage your HGV driving career

Ever worried you’ve made mistakes that could damage your HGV driving career?   HGV Drivers, whether experienced or new, can fall prey to bad habits just like the rest of us. The problem for drivers is that becoming overwhelmed by their workload, doesn’t just see them begin to underperform, it can lead to errors with… Read more »

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HGV Driving: Getting Started

Guest written by Sam Hay, Training & Marketing Manager   Recently, I was fortunate enough for Backline to put me through my HGV Class 2 licence. Having been with the company since 2011, I’ve picked up plenty of industry knowledge in that time – but nothing quite compares to getting the first-hand experience of actually… Read more »

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’tis NOT The Season To Be Jolly

Ignore what the song says. If you’re behind the wheel, jolly is the exact opposite of what you should be (unless it’s just in the happy sense, of course).   Back in the 16th Century when it first originated, cars, trucks and busses didn’t exist. At least nothing that resembles what is on the roads… Read more »

The best driving jobs and how to find them

Looking for new HGV driving job? With so much choice there’s probably never been a better time to be a trucker. But with so many possibilities, how do you know which are the best driving jobs, and which ones to avoid at all costs?   With that in mind, we’ve created a checklist of the… Read more »

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Is your Logistics Partner Costing you Money whilst you Sleep?

Logistics forms a pivotal part of many business. It’s the behind the scenes action that makes sure that the things that need to happen, happen.   However, thanks to the ever-increasing logistical expectations set by e-Commerce giants like Amazon, an extremely effective and efficient logistics operation essential for keeping customers satisfied in these permanently switched-on… Read more »

HGV Driver Career development tips; think CPD

What do we mean by CPD? CPD stands for Continued Professional Development. Simply put it is the training and activities you take to help advance yourself along your driving career.   Not to be confused with CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), it’s a term used by professionals to describe the training they undertake to stay… Read more »

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Driver CPC Set To Be Scrapped?

Is The Driver CPC Qualification Being Scrapped? Well, in short, no.   Sorry if we’ve disappointed you.   There has been plenty of speculation that, thanks to a number of factors, including the HGV driver shortage and the dreaded “B” word (Brexit), the Driver CPC qualification would be brushed aside to ease the path of… Read more »