Become an Elite Driver with the Elite Driver Training Programme from Backline

Backline wouldn’t have the reputation that it does today without the hard work, talent and skill displayed by its drivers, who all play a part in the delivery of our Elite Driver Training programme.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time driving role, want to become a guaranteed driver, or even sign a permanent contract, Backline offers everything you could possibly need.

“The world in which we live is constantly changing, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit 18 months ago, which means that people’s priorities are also changing,” said Tim Rogers, Senior Branch Manager at Backline.

“Some of our drivers decided that they needed guaranteed work and the security that comes with it, so changed from being part-time to a guaranteed driver.

While people who are completely new to driving have joined Backline on a temporary basis, to take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new skill and try it on an ad-hoc basis before committing to something more permanent.”

The Backline Elite Driver Training Programme consists of four different levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Bronze level is their entry level driver programme and is perfect for those with irregular availability or who have limited skills or are limited by location.

The Silver level is aimed at those who wish to become full time drivers with regular availability, have some skills and can be flexible when it comes to location.

The Gold level is for those who want to become guaranteed drivers. This means they are guaranteed weekly pay whether they work or not!! Our Guaranteed drivers work exclusively for Backline and have more control over their assignments.

They also receive FREE upskilling, such as HIAB training.

Finally, there’s the Platinum level which guarantees drivers a 45-hour week permanent contract of employment exclusively with Backline.

Additional paid leave, personal accident insurance, life insurance and a Medicash private medical plan are also included in the benefits package. Backline offers all our Platinum drivers free mechanical handling training, free CPC training and free licence upgrading so that everyone can maximise their earnings with us.

Speaking of the Elite Driver Training Programme, Tim said:

“Backline cannot be compared to traditional recruitment or agency businesses as we look to build long-term relationships with drivers by offering unique benefits, enhancing skills and making full-time, permanent employment a reality.

“The temporary recruitment field within the logistics sector has long since had an “in between jobs” reputation, but the drivers at Backline are certainly bucking that trend by looking for a more permanent solution.

During the pandemic we put 80% of our workforce on furlough, which we believe is higher than our competitors and demonstrates that once drivers work with Backline they soon become Gold or Platinum drivers.”

Despite navigating the pandemic, Backline has continued to grow and is currently looking to employ more drivers at all levels of the Elite Driver Training Programme.

If you’re looking to get into driving, or want the opportunity to increase your hours and become an exclusive driver for Backline, either as a Gold or Platinum driver, then contact us