How does better productivity create more income for HGV drivers?

More income for HGV drivers; let’s be honest, who would say no to that?!


There are many ways that better productivity can help drivers achieve more income. So, to help, we’ve created this article outlining four separate aspects of productivity.


These are areas that can help a driver optimise their workflow. This leads to consistent high performance, which ultimately translates into increased financial rewards.


This list isn’t exhaustive, and you may have some productivity ideas of your own. If you do, please feel free to let us know!


1: The Impact of Technology on Productivity

Technology can and is helping drivers in every aspect of their work. From loading their vehicles to inventory management and route planning. You can even get apps that help you find the best parking spaces these days.


The aim of adopting technology into any workplace is to increase the productivity of the workers. This makes the company more efficient, which makes it more competitive, leading to more clients and better long-term stability.


For HGV drivers on the ground the aim is to help them get more done, faster. The second part of this though is that it helps them live up to demanding deadlines.


With strict regulatory guidelines around driver working hours, being as efficient as possible is more important than ever.


Good technology can save hours, which makes all the difference when something unexpected comes up on your route, for example, a mechanical fault or an accident on a major motorway just ahead of you.


This is important because the best paying HGV jobs frequently  go to the best drivers. And drivers with great records, who’s reliability and consistency are without question, end up earning the most.


Good technology is the route to higher earnings, so it pays to know what’s out there and how it can help you.


2: The Impact of Upskilling on Productivity

A second route to better productivity in your work is through training. Whether this is training to drive a different class of vehicle, dangerous goods or HIAB training so you can operate lorry mounted cranes.


Additional professional development has a profound impact on a driver career. First, as a driver becomes more skilled you are able to do more challenging tasks more easily, and as a result faster. This increase in productivity does not go unnoticed.


The second part of this is that by increasing your skills and gaining additional qualifications you become more able and qualified. This, very simply, makes you a more valuable employee.


Lastly, it demonstrates to the best employers that you are committed to your work and ambitious. These attributes are great tendencies to display and rarely go unrewarded.


Whatever training and upskilling you do in 2020 will, over time, contribute towards a higher level of reward.


3: The Impact of the Current Driver Shortage

We’ve said it before and we’ll no doubt say it again, but drivers are the backbone, the unsung heroes of the logistics industry. Without drivers, nothing would get delivered. No food in supermarkets, no products in shops, no Amazon deliveries at home!


However, despite this being an incredibly important part of multiple stages of any product-based business, there is a shortage of skilled HGV drivers. And there has been a shortage for some years now.


So, this means that there is more demand than ever for skilled drivers because delivery demands are only growing.


Unfortunately, some people out there mistakenly believe that this is a good excuse for taking it easy; that no matter how bad they are, there’ll always be another job around the corner.


But this is a mistake. Drivers that are evidently more productive than others are incredibly valuable assets for a business, and they are necessarily rewarded for their efforts.


The best employers will continue to do all they can to attract the best drivers, such as our industry leading Platinum Drivers Scheme. But these opportunities will never be available to drivers who spend their careers in 1st or 2nd gear.


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4: The Impact of Satisfaction

Greater productivity often leads to greater satisfaction in the completion of each job. But finding real satisfaction in what you do also makes you more productive.


Being happy with your lot – sure in the knowledge that you are irreplaceable and integrally valuable to the businesses you work with – provides a growing sense of satisfaction.


It allows you to feel more relaxed, display more skill, show enthusiasm and ambition, and gradually build on that record of efficiency, reliability and performance.


All of these things are valuable traits that any business would be mad not to reward (ahem, Platinum Drivers Scheme), so make a commitment to finding more happiness in your working day and watch the financial rewards roll in.



Greater productivity isn’t just about getting more done than others. It isn’t just about being the most efficient or the most intelligent worker. It’s about having the right attitude and showing (rather than telling) people that you are one of the best.


The most productive workers become irreplaceable, invaluable assets to a business in an industry that is begging for better and more reliable drivers than ever before. This all opens up a road to more and better-paying work. In short, productivity; it’s the simple secret to more income for HGV drivers.


So embrace the challenge, enjoy the ride and open up to new ideas and experiences, because the world of logistics is crying out for great drivers and there’s nothing stopping you from becoming one!