Training Manager Secures NPORS Accreditation

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Backline has always worked closely with its client base with a view to providing a quality and, just as importantly, well-rounded service.


When one of our major clients came to us and said they’d like us to support them with their training, but that they specifically needed NPORS accreditation for it, we stepped up.


The process was not a quick one. NPORS, whilst a founding member of the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association) which seeks to uniform standards across the industry, set a high bar for instructor entry. In addition to holding an Instructional Techniques qualification, NPORS insist on First Aid, management of Health & Safety and specific operator qualifications for the various categories of equipment that they cover.


As someone already holding an Instructional Techniques qualification, the path to NPORS accreditation for our training manager, Sam Hay, was eased slightly. Rather than the full-length 10-day course, he was able to attend their 5-day ‘bridging’ course in Pyle, South Wales.


The course was well laid out and the instructor, Andrew, really pushed all the candidates so they could achieve the best possible results – he wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a pass!


The NPORS instructor course culminates in three assessments:


Instructor Theory

An assessment of the theoretical knowledge of instructional techniques and background knowledge specific to the machine around which the course was based – in this instance a Counterbalance Lift Truck. This was ensuring that candidates have a sound understanding of relevant legislation, regulations and accrediting body requirements for training and testing.


Pass Mark: 80% | Sam’s Score: 100%


Classroom Lesson

NPORS monitor / examiner Lewis assigned each candidate a classroom-based lesson to deliver to the other delegates. Sam was assigned a lesson on Lift Truck Stability. Lewis referenced the lessons delivered against the lesson’s objectives along with factors such as accuracy of information, delivery style and delegate engagement, resulting in a percentage score.


Pass Mark: 75% | Sam’s Score: 95%


Practical Lesson

Lewis had also assigned each of the candidates a practical lesson to deliver which, as with the classroom lesson, would be measured against the lesson’s objectives and delivery style. Sam was allocated “Manoeuvring an unladen lift truck through a chicane in a forwards and reverse direction”. Both the classroom and the practical elements were timed – with points only accruing within the allotted period. For the classroom element this was 40 minutes so the instructor not only has to ensure that each element of the lesson is delivered effectively, but also within the time limit.


Pass Mark: 75% | Sam’s Score: 92%


Having successfully achieved the required pass mark for each section, Sam was officially added to the NPORS register of accredited instructors. Credit to the instructor Andrew – all three candidates on the course passed, with the lowest score for any element in the mid-80s!


In order to maximise our flexibility for delivery of training, Kevin Burt – Relief Manager & Trainer – will also be attending the next instructor course in May 2021. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Kev!


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