Outbasing – what is it and how could your business benefit?

a picture of the entrance to the outbase at Exeter

You may already be familiar with the term. An Outbase is essentially a strategically positioned logistics hub, which facilitates efficient deliveries into the surrounding area.


Backline operates two Outbase facilities; one in Exeter, two miles from the M5 at Exeter; the other in Andover two miles from the A303 and six miles from the A34.


Whether or not you are in a position to operate your own Outbase, there are a number of potential benefits to be realised from utilising one.


Eliminating Nights Out with Final Mile Delivery

The Midlands, thanks to the obvious logistical benefits that the location offers, is home to a multitude of UK Distribution Centres (DCs). One of the downsides, however, is for an HGV restricted to a maximum speed of 56mph, much of the UK is outside of a 9/10 hour return journey – the legal limit on daily driving time imposed by EU Drivers’ Hours regulations – from these DCs.


For hauliers with deliveries into these areas, that means a night-out for the driver, which can be costly for a number of reasons. The alternative is double-manning, which can be equally expensive.


  • The approved payment for drivers using a sleeper cab stands at £26.20 (04/19) plus subsistence expenses. Extrapolated over a working week, that’s well over £100 of additional cost per driver.
  • For the 9 or 11 hours (reduced/regular) of driver daily rest the vehicle is immobile, meaning it’s generating zero revenue for the operator. Taken over the course of a Monday to Friday shift pattern, that’s an entire working week – 38+ hours – of vehicle downtime.


  • Whilst double-manning eliminates the aforementioned costs, there’s the obvious downside of paying two drivers rather than one for the duration of their shift. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.


By positioning our Outbase facilities near to main trunk roads, and crucially within 4.5 hours drive of most of the main DCs, we facilitate deliveries into these areas whilst eliminating the costly exercise of overnighting or double manning.


How? By offering a final-mile delivery service. Find out more about how this could work for your business:

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Contract Labour Solutions

The only thing that’s said to be certain are death and taxes. Or so the famous saying goes.


In Transport, we can also be certain that the unexpected can, and often will, happen.


With a 30+ year history providing both temporary and permanent recruitment services – specialising in the Transport & Logistics sector – we’re established as one of the most reliable and highest quality providers of HGV drivers and other industry-related workers.


Good to know: our Platinum Driver Programme will give you some insight into how we’ve achieved this.


If your labour requirements are variable, you struggle to recruit in your area or if you just don’t have the time to manage the recruitment yourself, then we can help.


Whether using your vehicles or ours, we’ll ensure you’ve got the drivers you need, when you need them.


No need to worry about O licence compliance, either. With provisions in place to offer tachograph downloads, reporting and infringement management, you’re covered.


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Security & Welfare

It’s entirely possible that nights-out are an unavoidable part of your operation. Equally, you may be capable of reaching all your delivery points comfortably within the driving hours limits or have pre-existing arrangements in place to cope with them.


Another feature of our Outbase facilities is the provision of secure, vehicle parking and welfare facilities.


Your loads are valuable. They’re what keeps your business going and your reputation strong. At the same time, the well-being of your employees is also paramount.


Security fencing, security lighting, controlled site access and CCTV mean that, whilst your vehicles, load or driver are on our site, they’re as secure as it gets. We also provide on-site toilet, washroom and basic catering facilities for your driver’s comfort.


All this minimises the risk of losses incurred as a result of theft, accidents and driver absence, so your business can keep doing what it does best.


Complimentary Use of Equipment

Pallet trucks are fine, but they often aren’t the most efficient or practical option. Both Outbase sites benefit from a Counterbalance Forklift on site, with minimum lifting capacity of 2 tonnes. So long as they can demonstrate that they’ve received adequate training, your drivers will be free to use the truck, as required (subject to availability).



Whether mandatory or otherwise, training is an essential part of any business within the Transport sector. Both our sites facilitate a variety of training options, from Driver CPC to HIAB, Forklift and ADR (carriage of hazardous goods).


We can also offer driver assessments and corrective counselling – either to compliment your existing recruitment process or as part of any labour supply arrangement.


Existing clients utilising our site(s) will enjoy preferential rates for such training, but if training is all that you’re interested in, you’re equally as welcome to take advantage of our facilities.

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