Offshore Antics

AyeAye, Cap’n!

Friday 6 June was an absolute scorcher! Temperatures across the South West were approaching 30oC and the breeze was comparable to the drag created by a large butterfly passing at a few hundred metres.


It was also the date of Backline’s Summer social event which, this year, was a trip on the Pride of Exmouth – an open top cruise boat complete with Bar and Barbecue facilities.


Around 40 of the Backline team made it to the event, with an additional 25 or so made up of partners, clients and drivers.


Plain Sailing

The boat left the harbour, drinks flowing, and navigated down the coast towards the picturesque towns of Seaton & Sidmouth. Captain then did an about turn, steering us back towards Teignmouth before returning to our original destination to sample the nightlife of Exmouth town.


From here the group frequented the The Beach bar where we were treated to a live performance from the excellent local band “Blue Arse Fly”.