How Our Platinum Drivers Scheme is developing the Role of HGV Drivers

HGV drivers are one of the most important parts of the logistics industry. Without them, a lot of things simply wouldn’t happen. No online shopping, no delivery services, no food; no commerce, in fact.
Yet, despite the invaluable role they play as an asset to UK business and the modern family’s daily life they are frequently overlooked.
With our considerable experience in the logistics industry, we have always known that a team of good, reliable and consistent drivers can be the difference between success and failure.
Any organisation is only as good as the company it keeps, which is why we created the UK’s first ever Platinum Drivers Scheme.
The aim is to provide our clients with the ability to plan and realise their own ambitious growth targets.
Knowing that they have a reliable, well-trained and motivated delivery team behind them allows them to do this.
So, what is the Platinum Drivers Scheme and how can it help you? Here’s a rundown of everything we do to ensure that our HGV drivers stand out as the UK’s best.

What is the Platinum Drivers Scheme?

When it come to our drivers, we treat them with the respect they deserve.
Our elite drivers get access to great employee benefits, too. Things like additional training to help them progress their careers and reach higher earning potential, as well as giving them access to those most attractive opportunities.
It’s an ambitious goal, but our elite drivers are charged with changing the very perception of the industry.
Take a look at why we love HGV drivers

What do we do for our drivers?

Ongoing CPC driver training
Driver CPC came into effect a fair few years ago now (2008, in fact!). The idea, which we are all for, was/is to make our roads safer by ensuring HGV drivers are continually refreshed on best practice, the law and skills that will make us all safer.
Unfortunately, many HGV drivers have to pay for this themselves. Surprisingly, even large employers such as Manpower and Pertemps have been washing their hands of the responsibility (and cost!) by forcing them to fund their own training!
In order to ensure that we can supply our clients with the very best HGV drivers on the road, we decided to provide this free of charge for ALL our Drivers. Ensuring that our drivers have all the skills they need to be the best they can be at their job.
Industry-leading pay rates
It goes without saying that to attract the best talent, you have to offer something attractive in return.
Working a low-paid, often menial, job is something that we’ve all done at some point in our lives. How seriously did we take it?
We want our drivers to feel serious about their careers, which is why we strive to make sure our drivers are as well-paid as possible. But it’s not all about the money. Our Elite Drivers enjoy some fantastic benefits, too.
Permanent, full-time employment opportunities
Many HGV drivers struggle to find full-time employment opportunities. Things like a guaranteed weekly base rate of pay and a consistent number of hours can be hard to come by.
You’ll quickly spot the difference between the driver who is confident and able to plan for the future, versus the one who drifts from agency to agency never quite sure of their next job.
That’s why, for those that commit to being great drivers, we offer a full-time, permanent contract. Not zero hours. Not a contract for services. A full-fat, bells and whistles PAYE contract of employment. And this ensures that you get the full benefits for your business.
First impressions are important in any scenario and we want our drivers to not only make a great first impression but to take pride in their work.
The first step to taking pride in your work is looking the part. That’s why all our drivers are provided with basic uniform. Elite drivers come with upgraded uniform including a hi-vis coat and branded workwear.
Medical and driver insurance cover
A healthy driver is a good driver. But sudden medical costs can cause problems, and sometimes put you out of work. We want our drivers to know that they are covered, and when they get back to work we’ll be ready for them.
Further free training
The more skilled our drivers are, the more valuable they are. So, we make sure to offer free additional training. We want our drivers to be able to fulfil their contracts, and get the work they want. All whilst delivering above and beyond client expectations.

This is just the start. But we want to do more. We don’t just want drivers who go from A to B. We want people who take pride in their work, who are willing to work hard and who get rewarded because of it.
Our programme has been designed to deliver exceptional benefits to our clients whilst simultaneously changing how people perceive drivers.
To find out more get in touch with us today.