HGV Driving Jobs: How to Get the Best Paid Ones

When it comes to finding and securing the best paid HGV driving jobs there are a few things you need to consider. You need to know what role you are aiming for, and what experience, training and track record employers want.


After all, if you know what the best employers are looking for it should be quite easy to make sure you fit the bill.


With that in mind, we’ve outlined the 5 key qualities that the best paid HGV drivers always have. If you can nail these and demonstrate them to future employers, the best paid jobs are within your grasp.


What are the attributes of a well-paid driver?


#1 Experienced & reliable

Some things are best learned by doing; driving is definitely one of these things. So, it’s no surprise that employers are always looking for the most experienced drivers.


No matter how good you think you are, employers need to be able to assess your track record so they can determine it for themselves.


The more experience you have, paired with a solid and impressive track record, the better you look to employers.


There’s no quick fix here I’m afraid. You just need to put in the miles and keep doing things right.


#2 Well-Trained

Continuous driver training shows employers two things. One, that you are dedicated to being good at what you do, and two, that you are serious about advancing your career.


If you want to go for better paying roles and promotions, then undergoing continuous professional training is one of the most important actions you should be taking.


The more training you have, and skillsets you can prove you are qualified for, then the more valuable you become as an employee. 


The good news is that good employers everywhere are on the lookout for highly skilled drivers so all the effort you put in now will come back your way.


#3 Great Attitude

When it comes to any line of work, a great attitude goes a long way. With drivers this entails is being positive, patient, independent and willing to get involved with all aspects of the role.


Enthusiasm is infectious. If you love putting in the miles and pushing to learn and get better at what you do and do it all with a smile on your face, you are going to find yourself in high demand.


More pay always come with more responsibility so showing that you have the right mental attitude is vital if you want to be considered for higher paying (and more stressful!) roles.


#4 Ambition

The great thing about ambition is that, if you are reading this, it probably means you are on the right track.


If you want to secure a high paying driving role you will need to work for it. No one jumps in right at the top.


Patience is the key to success. They say that we all overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can do in five.  So, play the long game.


The best way to show your ambition is to do the things already listed in this post; working hard, undergoing continuous training, and jumping at any opportunity that presents itself.


And don’t be afraid to tell your employer that you are willing and ready to take on more responsibility.


#5 Attention to detail

HGV drivers don’t have a lot of support when they are out on the road. They are in many ways their own boss. In this way, there is a lot of responsibility that falls directly onto your shoulders.


From inventory management, loading, and, of course, a mechanical awareness to ensuring optimal performance from your vehicle, there’s a lot more to driving than, well, driving. 


Having excellent attention to detail then will ensure that you achieve strict deadlines to satisfaction and minimise mistakes.



Driving isn’t for everyone and certainly doesn’t come with the daily support that you get from an office job.


But the best drivers thrive when given the freedom to tackle their role as they see fit, and in doing so they make themselves more eligible for better paid work.


To get the best paid driving jobs you need to be amongst the best drivers. But there’s one more thing. You need the right employer, one that is willing to recognise and reward hard work and support you as you on your journey.


You can find out about our approach to employer relations and how we help drivers build their careers here 


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