Deadline Fast Approaching

CPC Road Closed Picture

There’s Not Long Left

Back in August 2014, there was a mad rush for Driver CPC training courses, as drivers and their employers realised they were soon to be unable to drive if they didn’t complete the required 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training.


Each Driver CPC entitlement lasts for five years from the date of completion, or expiry of the current entitlement. As such, there are a significant number of HGV licence holders who will need to have completed their second batch of training before September next year, in order for their entitlement to remain valid.


When’s The Deadline?

The deadline for many people to complete their second round of 35 hours will be 9 September 2019. Whilst it sounds like a long time away, it is less than 18 months. We, and likely many other providers, are getting booked far in advance, with courses scheduled as far in advance as December. Courses for weekends are in particularly high demand.


What Do I Do?

If you haven’t yet completed the training for your next entitlement, fear not. We run regular courses across the South & South West. Our unique approach in running courses for blocks of five days at a time means you can attend individual days or a week block. Whichever suits you best.


Don’t Leave It Too Late

In 2014, we saw other providers taking advantage of those who hadn’t been able to complete their training well in advance of the deadline. Prices were hiked – we heard of some people being charged as much as £300 per day!


Our promise, subject to circumstances outside of our control, is that our prices will remain unchanged in the build up to the 2019 cut-off. This means you can secure a full 35 hour course for just £285 which includes the government upload charge. This represents around a 20% saving when compared to organisations such as the RHA and the FTA.


Don’t Put It Off, Book Today!

We don’t want to disappoint you, so to be sure of securing your place, call today on 03333 201 221 or 01752 348835. You can click here for a full list of available courses.