How Does Your Current HGV Job Compare to Backline? Take this Quiz to Find Out

You’ve probably noticed that HGV drivers are in high demand in the UK. There’s a whole range of reasons why this is the case.

  • The internet creating massive demand for deliveries
  • Covid encouraging drivers to retire early or change plans
  • Brexit meaning fewer qualified HGV drivers in the country
  • An ageing population with fewer working age people

What this means for qualified and experienced HGV drivers is a big need for their services. It’s created more pressure for all of us, but it’s also got it’s benefits.
Since the day we began, Backline has always recognised the importance of drivers to our success. We may just be one cog in the immense machine that is logistics, but we’ve always seen it as our duty to press for better pay, better benefits, and better conditions for drivers.
So, we thought we’d put this to the test.
Take this short multiple-choice quiz and you can find out just how well Backline stacks up against your current employer.
It’s fast, fun and easy-to-do.
Who knows? You might even discover a fantastic new opportunity waiting at the end of it!
Let’s get started!

What are your current salary expectations where you work?

How many guaranteed weekly hours does your employer offer?

When did you last talk to your employer about developing your career?

How often do you get a chance to try something new and different at work?

Does your employer offer free HIAB and/or ADR training?

What is the maximum commute you’ve been asked to make?

How much do you pay for your Driver CPC each year?

Is your boss an HGV license holder?

Do you get paid the same rate per discipline, even if performing a lesser skilled job?

Does your employer have an in-house training department available to you?

Does your current employer provide free Private Medical Insurance?

Are you getting Life Insurance and/or Personal Accident insurance where you currently work?