Official “No-Deal” Post-Brexit Advice for Hauliers

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Government Issues Official Guidance

With just a few months until the UK officially leaves the European Union, the government has issued official advice for drivers and hauliers. The advice applies to any driver or haulier seeking to operate vehicles in the EU after our departure.


Key Points: Drivers

Despite what you may have heard, if the UK does leave without a deal, commercial drivers will require additional documentation to drive outside the UK, but within the EU.


Exactly what documentation will be required is not known at this stage, but you can visit the government site to keep up to speed with the latest developments. Click here for the government guidance page.


Key Points: Hauliers & Drivers

Should the UK leave the EU without a deal, there is a possibility that the EU countries may not recognise UK-issued community licences. In this instance, hauliers will need an ECMT international haulage permit. Hauliers will be able to apply for ECMT permits from November 2018 and will require:

  • A vehicle operator licence online account
  • Details of the O’Licence you wish to apply under
  • Details of journeys made internationally under this O’Licence, including the number of international journeys taken


Trailer Registrations

From 28 March 2019, commercial trailers over 750kg, and any trailer over 3,500kg, must be registered if traveling through a country that is a signatory to the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. This includes countries in the EU, EEA and Europe.


Registering a trailer involves:

  • Registering the trailer with DVLA
  • Having a trailer registration plate, separate to that of the towing vehicle
  • Obtaining a Trailer Registration Certificate which must be available to the authorities upon request


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