Registering & What to Expect...

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The Process

After first showing an interest in registering and/or a particular vacancy we have advertised, there will be a certain process that you will go through, before we can offer you any work.

Stage 1 - DSA Theory

You will be required to take a 50 question DSA theory test (unless applying for non-HGV roles) and watch a Health & Safety at Work video.

Stage 2 - The Interview

First, you will be asked to come in to the branch with which you are registering, in order to be interviewed, and for us to take copies of the documents we need.

The interview is a fairly informal one and is mainly for us to get a better idea of the experience you have, the sort of work you are looking for and for us to give you an idea of what we will be able to offer you (in terms of shifts, type of work, pay rates etc.).

You will need to bring all of the following with you on the day of interview:

We will also provide you with information regarding timesheet procedures, pay arrangements and other important information.

Stage 3 - Referencing

If, after the interview, we believe you to be a suitable candidate for work placements, we will conduct reference checks from previous employment.

Subject to satisfactory responses from the referees you have provided, your application will progress to the next stage.

Stage 4 - First Assignment

If successful after the above 3 stages, we will offer you various assignments depending on the vacancies you have applied for and the type of work you are looking for.

We make an extra effort to get feedback on newly registered workers, and work closely with all our clients. The better the feedback we get from the clients you work with, the more work we will offer you!