Driver CPC Periodic Training

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Backline are an accredited provider of Driver CPC training. We provide CPC training that has real value for both candidates and companies alike. As with all training CPC should not be a 'box-ticking' exercise but relvant to the type of work you are involved with.
If you aren't sure what type of CPC you need, use our CPC chart on the right.
Current confirmed courses are as follows:
CPC Course Dates
Location Date(s) No. Days Notes
Winchester 12-16 March 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 19-23 March 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 19-23 March 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 9-13 April 5 (M-F)  
Yeovil 16-20 April 5 (M-F)  
Winchester 16-20 April 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 23-27 April 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 23-27 April 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 28 April 1 (Sat) Limited availability
Avonmouth 30 Apr - 4 May 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 8 May 1 (Tue)  
Yeovil 9 May 1 (Wed)  
Bridgwater 10 May 1 (Thu)  
Winchester 11 May 1 (Fri)  
Winchester 14-18 May 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 21-25 May 5 (M-F)  
Bridgwater 21-25 May 5 (M-F)  
Exeter 4-8 June 5 (M-F)  
Winchester 4-8 June 5 (M-F)  
Avonmouth 11-15 June 5 (M-F)  
Yeovil 11-15 June 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 2-6 July 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 6-10 August 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 10-14 September 5 (M-F)  
Plymouth 6 October 1 (Sat) Fully Booked - Reserve Spaces Only
Plymouth 13 October 1 (Sat) Limited Spaces
Exeter 20 October 1 (Sat)  
DID YOU KNOW? You may book individual days within a course date(s), you do not have to book for the duration of the course.
If there are not currently any courses listed for your area, please contact us and we will try and arrange one to suit you.
To book a course, or for more information, text CPC to 87070 or call 03333 201 221
Please note: all bookings are subject to Terms & Conditions, a copy of which can be downloaded by clicking the link on the right.