ADR (short for “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”) is the regulation covering the carriage of dangerous goods by road. It is separated into nine different classes which cover different types of hazard and which are detailed below.

ADR Class Description
1 Explosive
2 Flammable Gas
3 Flammable Liquid
4 Flammable Non-Liquid
5 Oxidant
6 Toxic Substance
7 Radioactive Substance
8 Corrosive Substance
9 Miscellaneous


In order to carry hazardous goods within scope of the regulations, you must hold an ADR licence. These can be obtained by attending a course with an accredited provider, such as Backline, and passing the required exams. This can cover any combination of the above classes, in “Packages” (not in a tanker vehicle), “Tanks” (contained in a tank which is part of the vehicle) or both.

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