Elite HGV Drivers; How To Spot Them

Cab glare
There are a number of key traits that elite HGV drivers have. Knowing these traits can help employers make good hiring decisions and perhaps more importantly, help drivers determine whether or not this is really the career for them. # In this article we outline 5 of those key qualities that “elite” HGV drivers have and what makes these qualities so important. #

Independence and Accountability

Life as a trucker can be lonely at times. There can be long stretches of time on the road where you are alone, and this can be a challenge for some. The lack of support and instruction for long periods of time can be difficult. # Most people work an ordinary 9-5, where you are only a short walk down the corridor to someone who can offer advice or help. Supportive colleagues you can discuss things with. # When you’re a driver though, the responsibility falls to you. # Divers need to be able to handle working independently. They need to be self-starters who are willing and able to take the full responsibility for their role and hold themselves accountable. # And in the event of an emergency it comes down to them to make the right decision. # It isn’t for everyone, and certainly doesn’t come with the daily support that you get from office roles. But an elite driver thrives when given the freedom to tackle their role as they see fit. #


Deadlines haunt every aspect of our lives. In transport though, it is one of the very most important parts of the role. # Someone with a proven track record of being reliable, of always getting their delivery safely and in a timely fashion to its destination, is an invaluable asset to any logistics company. # Whatever you’re hauling someone else is relying on that delivery. # Drivers need to be able to manage their time efficiently, sometimes thinking days ahead, planning their sleep schedules rest stops and fastest routes well in advance. # Great drivers do what they say they’re going to do, how and when they promise to do it. # They know that employers and customers have deadlines and schedules that depend on the driver’s timely performance. Great drivers aim to be not a problem, but the solution to transport and logistics challenges. # They need to thrive on it. #

Healthy Habits

Having bad health habits can be detrimental to a driver’s ability to work, which is why elite drivers prioritise looking after themselves. # It’s not enough to just be a hard worker. # A healthy lifestyle is a major positive for a truck driver. Eating healthily, frequently exercising and maintaining fitness, as well as something as simple as drinking plenty of water, can help drivers avoid the negative physical side effects of spending long hours in the cab of their vehicle. # On top of this lorry drivers need a certain level of fitness and strength in order to load and unload freight. # Keeping good habits and maintaining an active lifestyle are all things that will help you enjoy a longer and more rewarding driver career. #

Mechanically Savvy

Being mechanically savvy starts with taking an interest in how trucks operate. Everyone should know the basics – if only from doing their walkround checks on a daily basis. # Great drivers will have a deeper working knowledge of how their vehicles operate and may be able to perform minor repairs themselves when needed, for example. # This not only contributes to a safer work environment for both them and others on the road, but also helps maintain the vehicle’s performance saving everyone a lot of time (and money) in the eventuality that something goes wrong when they are driving. # Many big problems will show tell-tale signs before they manifest into something more serious. The more you can demonstrate good technical knowledge and show a genuine interest in your kit, the more seriously your employer will take you. #

Great Communication Skills

While it’s true that truck drivers spend a lot of time alone, “people skills” can make a massive difference to your performance. # Elite drivers know how to interact with employers, other drivers, dock workers, customers and service staff to such a degree that everyone they come in contact with feels listened to and respected. # We’re all under pressure and have our own deadlines to meet, so it helps when the people you deal with are able to work with you rather than against you. # Perhaps most importantly though, having great communication skills are important for maintaining good client relations. # Drivers are an extension of the company they are working for, representing their employer. They are the one the customer sees in person, and for many the only person the customer may ever meet from that company. # Being able to leave a good and lasting impression will raise client satisfaction and help build a lasting relationship that results in more work and better business. #

Final Thoughts

Drivers are the links in the supply chain. Having high quality drivers then is absolutely vital for businesses that want to grow. # Knowing what makes a great driver is the first step along the road to securing the incredible talent that works behind the scenes and will surely help your business thrive. # Nobody understands or values great, reliable drivers more than us, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to provide our best drivers with some of the best benefits in the industry. # So, think you have what it takes to be an elite driver? Try our Quiz!