What are the 3 best (AND WORST!) things about HGV driving jobs?

Do you ever dream about what it would be like to jack in that dull 9-5 and jump behind the wheel of a 44-tonne truck; just you and the open road?


You’re not alone. As one of the UK’s largest HGV driver agencies, we get enquiries from people like you all the time. So, to help make that decision a little easier, we’ve put together the top 3 best and worst things about becoming an HGV driver.



HGV driving offers many unique circumstances not experienced in other job roles. It’s a career choice that isn’t right for everyone, however, the right people will thrive in these conditions.


When you’re a professional driver, you learn to take the good with the bad.


So, what do we mean by this? Let’s jump straight in and look at the good stuff first.


The Good Bits


In the UK there is currently a shortage of skilled drivers. What this shortage means is that, once you’ve undergone all the appropriate training, there should be no difficulty in finding good driving jobs.


It’s a pretty good probability that if a driver proves themselves to be dependable, reliable and law-abiding, it’s unlikely they will ever be out of work.


Another bonus of the current driver shortage is that it will give you a lot more choice and flexibility about who you work with and they type of work you do.


You’ll find that there are a lot of agencies out there so plenty of choices, allowing you to partner with good quality employers who offer great benefits.


Check out our Platinum Drivers Programme to get a taste of what we mean.


Whether you are attracted to long inter-continental hauls or urban multi-dropping, you’ll find a lot of options available to you (if you have the right attitude).


And of course, there’s plenty of room for advancement if you are career oriented.


Good Pay

You may never become a millionaire by being a lorry driver.

However, being an HGV driver, especially an experienced one, can attract good pay and often comes with additional benefits.


Plus, there’s always scope to move up the career ladder (if that’s what you want) and even become a trainer.


For example, we offer numerous driver training options that could help you boost your employment prospects and/or earnings potential.



One of the best things about being an HGV driver is that you don’t have to sit behind the same desk, in the same office, every single day staring at the same screen with that annoying colleague sat next to you.


The freedom that the open road gives you is a great escape from the norm. You’ll get to see a lot of the country and even Europe should that be the path you decide to take. You’ll also have the chance to meet new people and make new friends wherever you go.


The Bad

Irregular Hours

Probably the biggest negative for some drivers is the extended amount of time spent away from home.


Regulations dictate you can only drive for so many hours a day, but they don’t dictate which hours you have to drive. On long journeys you might be away from home for days at a time.


However, it’s not always the case – there are plenty of driving jobs out there that conform (almost) to the standard 9-5.


It’s something you have to be comfortable with unless you’re prepared to restrict your options.


All Weather Driving

Only the fiercest weather will stop an HGV driver from moving. If you’re frightened of driving in bad weather, then you might need to reconsider your choice as a driver.


In rain, sleet or snow, deliveries still need to get from A to B and good HGV drivers are ready for the challenge.



In many ways this isn’t a bad thing. Regulations ensure that driving is safe for everyone on the road.


However, lorry and coach drivers in Europe are amongst the most regulated in the world. What this means is that drivers must remain diligent at all times.


If you fail to stay compliant you could potentially face penalties, or even driving bans.


One example of this is frequent training for your Driver CPC. You are required by law to keep up to date with this if you want to drive professionally.


The responsibility for remaining compliant falls on the shoulders of the driver as well as the employer, and this can entail extra expense and research – which can at times be irritating and time consuming.


No matter how hard we run, admin catches up with all of us from time to time.



Being a great driver can be immensely rewarding for those that decide upon it as a career, but it isn’t without its challenges. It requires dedication and the right mindset.


Hopefully this article has given you a fair assessment of some of the good and the bad associated with being an HGV driver.


If you’d like to find out more, why not TAKE OUR QUIZZ or if you’re feeling ready, take a look at some of our HGV Driver training options.


Good luck!