A Guide To FLT Types

If you're new to Fork Lift Truck (FLT) training, you might be wondering what all the different types of truck are, and which one you need training on.
Counterbalance: this is the 'standard' forklift, with forks (or another attachment) on the front of the vehicle and a counter weight positioned below & behind the operator seat.
Reach: similar to the counterbalance, but with the ability for the forks to 'reach' away from the truck to pick up its load. Particularly useful in narrow aisles where turning a counterbalance wouldn't be possible as the forks can also be at 90 degrees to the truck.
Bendi / Articulated / Pivot: as the name suggests, these fork trucks are articulated so that they pivot in the middle. This gives extraordinarily tight turning circles and really maximises the space that can be used for storage.