"Horsey" finds a new home

Jeremy, Ricky and Vicki with Horsey.jpgHorsey delivered.jpg
Santa had trouble fitting one present in his sack this year so Rob Bell, a Backline driver from our Yeovil Branch, had to lend a hand.
"Horsey", as named by Jeremy, Manager at Roofing Gear and one of our local clients, began life in China(!) before galloping his way to Wells Reclamation (Somerset). The granite stallion, after his 5,000+ mile journey, managed to find a willing owner and was delivered to a property in Cornwall, where Horsey will live out the rest of his days looking over the Cornish coast.
When asked how he felt about his new home, Horsey replied "Shì de, hen ke'ài. Wo xiang wo huì zài zhèli hen kaixin, wo qídàizhuó chouyàng pincháng yixie dangdì dì meishí, bìng huìjiàn wo de xin línju." - which translates (roughly) as "Bleddy 'ansum."